The Psychic Preschool Curriculum™  and Materials

"We know your child better." ™

Photo 1:  Children fashion divining rods from Hazel twigs.

Photo 2:  Children play a favorite game - seeking the “missing kitten” through clairvoyant meditation.


Photo 3:  Andre finds the “missing kitten” in a local mine shaft. 

The Psychic Preschool Curriculum ™ 

According to the Pandakean writings, the best way for children to learn about the psychic world is through intense focus of six key curricular areas: 

• Past-life Regression — Children learn how to tap into their past lives in order to better understand their existing life, their strengths, likes and dislikes.  Seances are held weekly.

• Chakra Study and Palmistry —  Children learn to open the 7 main chakras and identify the 7 main chakra colors. Children participate in daily Rainbow Breathing sessions and color therapy.  Children make handprint crafts in many media and learn the principals of palmistry

•  Sleep and Dream Analysis — Every Psychic Preschool™ has a resident dream analyst.  Sleep is a necessary and essential component of our curriculum.  Children learn how to illustrate their dreams and dream-share in small groups. 

•  Language Arts and Music— Children are encouraged to express themselves verbally through chanting and ritual song.  As a precursor to early literacy, they are taught to trace and recognize runes.  Once children can form letters, special emphasis is placed on handwriting analysis skills.

•  Mathematics — Children learn about numbers using concrete materials, such as the mystical golden beads.  They design miniature waxen models of the Unknown Universe™, and delve deeply into comparative numerology.  

•  Social Studies and Science — Children learn about other countries, animals and plants, time and time travel, paranormal mystery, the making of predictions, properties of crystals and multi-cultural astrology. 

The Psychic Preschool Classroom Materials ™

Our classrooms are full of toys and other developmentally appropriate activities that help children find meaning in the world around them — lit candles, rune stones, tarot cards, crystals, divining rods, tantric blocks, bowls of sacred water, clay, mystical puzzles, and so on. Children  can choose what they want to play with and can work by themselves or in groups. This helps them learn in their own way, at their own rate.

The Classroom Aura ™

While we support children in their reachings for deeper consciousness and intuitive understandings of the universe, we are also committed to teaching practical skills, like you might see in a Montessori setting.  As is developmentally appropriate, we encourage children to tie their own shoes and put on their coats, prepare their own snacks and drinks, go to the bathroom without help, and clean up after themselves if something spills.

At the Psychic Pre-school™ teachers aren't the only instructors -- which is why our instructor to student ratio is so high.  The specially trained Classroom Spirits™ work tirelessly with the children both in small groups and one-on-one.  Older children often help younger ones learn how to master new skills.  

Daily activities range from painting, coloring, chanting, tantric ritual, palmistry, levitation, baking bread, building houses out of sheets, or dressing up in the pretend area.


Picture 4:  Child in the pretend area dressed as Nostradamus.