The Psychic Preschool of Portland

"We know your child better."

 The Psychic Preschool Mission and Philosophy™

The Psychic Preschool ™ is founded on the belief that every child is capable of past-life regression.  The Psychic Method™ is a Child-centered/Spirit centered education.  We believe that all children have innate metaphysical powers and learn best through meaningful activity.  

At the Psychic Preschool ™ we aim to stimulate and develop psychic powers in young children by immersing them in rich, metaphysical surroundings.  We offer children plenty of opportunity to freely interact with Classroom Spirits™ and to indulge in Creative-Psychic Play™.  A psychic education can benefit almost any child, says Parti Regman of the Early Psychic Childhood Association of North America.  “Children have a natural inner-wisdom,” she says.  “We try to capture that inner-wisdom before it is mercilessly destroyed in the traditional classroom.”

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